New vs Old Automotive Marketing Strategies

New vs Old Automotive Marketing Strategies Do you think newer is always better? Well, this is a question that is often debated after introduction of a new thing. The answer varies by looking at the benefits and the shortcomings of the two things. The final decision is usually based on the style, taste and efficiency […]

How To Generate Showroom Traffic Without Giving Big Discounts

How To Generate Showroom Traffic Without Giving Big Discounts You can attract customers to your dealership without big discounts. According to one study, 57% of consumers purchase within 3 days of visiting their first dealership. 90% of customers purchase within 1 week of visiting their first dealership. The question is: How do you get people […]

Increase F&I Average Gross Profit!

This is for F&I Managers and Dealers looking to increase their backend gross. Your F&I department is the fastest way to improve profits in your dealership. I believe my biggest contribution to the retail car business was my ability to develop a systematic approach to F&I that maximized backend profit. To this day I still […]

Independent Car Dealers Can Compete!

In the auto world you have 2 types of dealers. You have a Franchise Dealer that has a contract with an automobile manufacturer that allows them to sell its products. Also, you have an Independent dealer that has no affiliation or contract with any manufacturer. In its most simplistic form, the only difference between the […]

Pricing Your Cars Efficiently!

One of the 3 key factors to selling your vehicles quickly is pricing your cars right. There is technology today that can tell you where to price your cars automatically base on real time live market date. Levi Eck Links mentioned in video: http://velocityguru.com ShareFollow

Can You Make More Money Selling More Cars?

I know this sounds like a silly question but it is something I run across every single day. Some auto dealers are still caught up in the notion that in order to make more money for their dealership they need to, stock more cars, ask more money for their vehicles, or hire better sales people. […]

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